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Additional 30,000 H1B visas Turned Down

The U.S. Government has announced that they will not be adding an additional 30,000 H1B work visas to the current yearly quota of 65,000. The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate dropped the provision from the Budget Bill to raise the number of H1B visas.

This is a terrible blow for many US employers who desperately need highly skilled and/or educated foreign workers to fill their ever growing labor shortages. The competition for next years 65,000 available H1B visas will be fierce !!

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR JOB SEEKERS ?? ~~ the race is on ~ anyone who wants to work in the USA in 2006 ~ MUST find an H1B visa Job - as fast as possible !! ~~ Based on previous years, the 65,000 H1B visas WILL NOT LAST LONG -- NOW IS THE BEST TIME - to find your H1B visa Job – BEFORE the H1B quota is reached <<< CLICK HERE >>>

As one Fortune 500 company recently told our H1B Research Group - “International job seekers who do not take action now, will miss this narrowing opportunity to work in the US. It is crucial to find a job within the next few months, to even stand a chance of being counted towards the H1B quota”. This is common feelings and sentiment from many of the H1B sponsor companies within our partner network.

Many of the top US sponsor companies who were shut out in the cold, due to last years H1B Cap being reached very early, are doing everything in their power to ensure they get their fair share of new H1B visa employees – as fast as possible!

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To Work In the USA and get YOUR H1B Visa ....

Step 1) you need to find a job with a company who will 'sponsor' an H1B visa for you

Step 2) your new employer (sponsor company) then files your H1B application

Step 3) your visa application is approved by the US Immigration Bureau

Step 4) you can start work for your new employer (H1B sponsor company) in the USA.

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You can Live and Work in America !!

~~ The main USA work visa / work permit is the H1B visa.

~~ This visa allows you to live and work in the USA and apply for a Green Card !

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Thousands of people from all over the World are finding great Jobs in the USA every day !! ~~ Now YOU can quickly and easily be one of them !!!

IF You Don’t Know Where To Start ~ or ~ Want To Learn More – WE CAN HELP YOU !!

Now, let’s discuss what WHAT YOU SHOULD DO:
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