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US Senates debates adding 60,000 new H1B Visas

WASHINGTON: International professionals hoping to emigrate to the USA are likely to get another golden opportunity to do so as the US Senate is seriously debating the addition of 60,000 H1B visas to the current annual quota of 65,000.

The draft legislation now before the US Senate Judiciary Committee would raise the number of H1B visas allowed for skilled foreign workers if it is adopted. The annual cap of 65,000 H1B visas introduced some months ago was snapped up two months before the start of the new US fiscal year on October 1. The rapid exhaustion of the H1B visas available for the government's 2006 fiscal year is making it harder for foreign workers to get to America

But high-tech industry groups are on a new lobbying effort to convince US Congress to increase the number of available visas. With the government saying it has already received enough H1B visa applications to reach the cap set for fiscal 2006, IT trade groups are planning for a legislative battle that they hope will convince Congress to increase the annual limit on new work visas.

The groups are trying to persuade Congress to increase the H1B visa cap. According to reports, the new plan is to offer unused H1B visas from previous years beginning 1992, which numbers around 310,000.

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