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January 2004 US Immigration Updates

BUSH Touts New Immigration Plan... CBS News ... has sought their help with border security and combating drug trafficking, they have not acted on their desire for favorable changes in US immigration policy.... Full Story - Click Here

US Begins New Year With Tougher Airport, Seaport Screening ... Voice of America ... arriving in the United States Monday from most countries began being fingerprinted and photographed, all part of a new program allowing US Immigration agents ... Full Story - Click Here

BUSH to outline new immigration plan Wednesday.. Reuters, India... If implemented, the plan could lead to the biggest change in US immigration law since 1986 legislation that gave legal status to millions of illegal immigrants ... Full Story - Click Here

US Security checks: Your reaction. BBC News, UK
... The USA immigration asked me to wait in a "secured" area for six hours (after a 10 hours flight from London) without any facilities to buy anything to eat or ... Full Story - Click Here

ILLEGAL immigration continues to stir debate North County Times, CA ... Among the suggestions is an "immigration policy that helps match any willing employer ... Hispanos Unidos in USA, a group not affiliated with the Hispanos Unidos ... Full Story - Click Here

WILL 2004 Bring A Second Bush Term? Intellectual Conservative, AZ ... The country, as the USA Today 2000 electoral map so famously showed, is ... issue that starkly pits the Bush administration against the grassroots is immigration.... Full Story - Click Here

CANADA, US need one cattle regulator National Post, Canada...Concerns by Michigan authorities about terrorist attacks there as a result of Canada's lax immigration/refugee entry laws made news reports too.... Full Story - Click Here

AMNESTY is Not the Answer to Illegal Immigration Political USA, LA ... come to grips with the presence of 8 to 12 million illegals, afford them some kind of legal status some way, but also as a country decide what our immigration... Full Story - Click Here

24M FACE NEW US CHECKS The Mirror, UK...The programme is meant to identify people who have violated immigration controls, have criminal records or belong to US-listed terrorist groups.... Full Story - Click Here

USVISIT introduced 16 detained on first day The New Nation, Bangladesh ... formalities under the new immigration system. The US homeland security authorities said there would be no scope for criminals and terrorists to enter the USA ... Full Story - Click Here

BUSH to pose changes to immigration law for Mexicans USA Today WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush will propose immigration law changes to allow workers from Mexico to enter the United States if they have jobs waiting for... Full Story - Click Here

FRONTPAGE ... With the passage of the USA PATRIOT ACT, the use of intelligence ... Additionally, 1996 changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act increased the potential ... Full Story - Click Here

TERROR route seen in bank program Washington Times, DC ... Terry Bolling said SafeSend complies with federal law, including the USA ... Mike Cutler, a retired Immigration and Naturalization Service senior agent who headed ... Full Story - Click Here

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