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Additional 30,000 H1B visas Turned Down (Dec 05)
3,302 H1B’s Available -- for Advance Degree Exemption (Dec 05)
Judiciary Committee approves extra 30,000 H1B Visas (Oct 05)
US Senates debates adding 60,000 new H1B Visas (Oct 05)
This Years H1B Visa Cap Reached in Record Time (Aug 05)
Latest H1B visa quota numbers (Aug 05)
130,000 More H1B Visas ?? (July 05)
There are 20,000 Additional H1B Visas Available (May 05)
Gates Wants End to H1B Visa Limit (H1B cap) (April 05)
US shelves legislation on L1 visas (April 05)
Attorneys fight 'laughable' H1B visa mess (April 05)
Additional 20,000 H1B Visas - UPDATE (Mar 05)
H1B Work Visa - Update (Jan 05)
H1B visa quota to increase by 20,000 (Nov 04)
USA needs foreign-born H1B visa workers (Nov 04)
FY 2005 H1B Cap - reached on day 1 (Oct 04)
H1B Visa Fees - who pays them (Sept 04)
H1B Cap may be reached soon (Aug 04)
US visa application fee for students to increase (July 04)
Need to Renew Your Non-Immigrant Visa? (June 04)
H1B cap to be 'raised' for students ? (Apr 04)
F1 Students - after OPT (Apr 04)
H1B ALERT – the rush is back on – JOB SOLUTIONS (Mar 04)
US to post inspectors at foreign airports (Mar 04)
Life after the H1B Cap (Feb 04)
H1B hiring is on the increase - affects on the H1B cap (Jan 04)
US VISIT - launched (Jan 04)
JANUARY 2004 - US Immigration Headlines (Jan 04)

Special Registration Suspended (Dec 03)
What is a TRAVEL DOCUMENT and who needs one? (Dec 03)
SEVIS Costs - F, J and M visas - proposed $100 fee (Nov 03)
THE 212(D)(3) WAIVER (Oct 03)
Students on Optional Practical Training (Oct 03)
DHS - Middle East Offices Planned (Oct 03)
H1B Visa Cap returns to 65,000 (Sep 03)
Newly Revised BCIS Forms - from October 1st (Sep 03)
H1B Dependent Employer Attestations will Sunset (Sep 03)
H1B - No More Need To File Additional $1,000 Filing Fee (Sep 03)
'New Rules' issued for this years DV Lottery (Aug 03)
F1 Graduates ~ Important Information (Aug 03)
Waivers of Inadmissibility or Removability (July 03)
How to File an H-1B Visa Application (July 03)
eFiling of I-90 and I-765 - Now Available (June 03)
Filing an H-1B v's L-1 visa petition (May 03)
Changes in Immigration Benefit Filing Fees (Mar 03)
Form N-400 Update (Mar 03)
Development of New Citizenship Test (Mar 03)
File Shredding at the INS (Feb 03)
The 'new' INS - Dept of Homeland Security - Update (Feb 03)
INS Issues New Filing Fees (Feb 03)
INS – ‘Special Registration’ – UPDATE (Jan 03)
Form AR-11 - new INS mailing address (Dec 02)
Extension of H1B Status after 6 years - new law (Nov 02)
Post Your Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) Electronically (Oct 02)
INS H1B Cap - Latest Numbers (Sep 02)
All Non-citizens To Report Change of Address (Sep 02)
Nursing in High Demand - New Laws Passed (Aug 02)
Changes For Foreign Students and Exchange Visitors (Aug 02)
Results of the DV-2003 Program (July 02)
Proposed ~ Entry-Exit Registration System (July 02)
INS Restructuring - Latest Update (July 02)
Tracking International Students and Exchange Visitors Online (Jun 02)
Is this the end of the J-1 Waiver ? (Jun 02)
Proposed Changes for Permanent Labor Certification Applications (May 02)
Adjustment of Status 'versus' Consular Processing? (May 02)
H-1B Extensions After Six Years (May 02)

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